Wednesday, August 28, 2019

My Healthy Girls Night In

Photography by Jo Johnson.

Last week I hosted the first ever Camp Cut Social at my home. If you've been following along then you know I've created Camp Cut which is a 6-week fitness experience at my garage gym specifically designed for women to not only get in a butt kicking sweat session but develop consistent habits to create an overall healthy lifestyle. When I came up with this idea I didn't want it to be JUST about fitness. I wanted there to be a social aspect for my Campers because working out is more fun when you like the people you're with and you're all putting in the hard work together. I don't even know where to begin because there were so many fun things planned for this night and honestly it was all because everyone came together and so generously offered up help. Lots of talented women in this group!
Photography by Jo Johnson

I'll start with the food and drinks because every good get together involves both : ) I opted for a healthy version of a girls night. I know what you're thinking...wommmmpppp wommpp!! But, you can do healthy and tasty. We started with a snack tray I had one of my long time friends (over 20 years!) throw to together a snack tray for me. Kenlie is the cheese board connoisseur and has been making them for our get togethers and parties before cheese boards were even a thing. You should see some of the things she's created! Check out Kenlie's other creations on IG @thatcolorpalette.

The tray include guacamole and hummus with lots of veggie slices, an assortment of roasted nuts, parmesan crisp and of course some cheese. I also did another tray of skinny pop and dark chocolate because you gotta live a little! 

Photography by Jo Johnson

I have mastered the art of finding recipes that are very little effort but look like all the effort was given. I like to actually enjoy when I have people over so for me finding meals that involve the least prep possible is usually ideal. 

Photography by Jo Johnson

I did one massive chicken cobb salad for the group- presentation is beautiful and involves VERY little cooking. The only thing I actually had to cook was the bacon and the boiled eggs. I'm a big fan of using premade rotisserie chicken in recipes that call for chopped/shredded chicken. Saves a lot of time and it's delicious...probably better than what I would have cooked myself. I have found that Whole Foods has the best rotisserie chickens when it comes to quality and taste. The thing about a cobb salad is it's hearty enough that you don't feel like you're eating rabbit food. I did go a little lighter with the bacon and the bleu cheese and instead of using iceberg lettuce I did a combo of iceberg and spinach. The iceberg gives you a little crunch so I didn't want to take it out completely. I drizzled this bad boy with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic and called it a day. The ladies loved it and were impressed with my salad that literally took no time to throw together.

Photography by Jo Johnson

I LOVE me a big 'ol glass of wine but I try to keep my adult beverages to a little baby roar and enjoy on Saturday night when I do what I like to call my adult happy meal. When I want a little somethin' something' other than just water I'll do sparkling water in a fancy glass topped with berries. Okay, so it's not as exciting as the real thing but you do feel like it's a little something special! Everyone has their favorite sparkling water and mine is Waterloo. It has more flavor than most of the other brands out there and has a natural taste. The flavors I keep stocked in our fridge are watermelon and strawberry. 

(How cute are these behind the scenes shots??! Love the personalities coming through in this picture!)

While we were doing all the eating and snacking Jo (amazing friend and wedding photographer. Find Jo on IG @jojohnsonphoto) was taking photos of each of the girls and giving tips on how to look natural in photos which for me is no easy fete. As adults and especially you mamas who are normally behind the camera it's hard to find a photo you actually love so it was so nice to have a picture to be proud of! And as if the evening couldn't have been better Kirsten, owner of Riffraff and one of my closest friends so generously gifted each of us a $100 gift card so we didn't have to stress over what outfit to pick for photos. (Find Kirsten on IG @kirstenblowers and her shop on IG @shopriffraff)

Photography by Jo Johnson

Y'all!!! I can't say enough things about this group that has come together over the 6-weeks to support not only me but each other.  This is what life is all I'm thankful for this season of life and being able to pour into these friendships. 

Be Well,

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Your fitness doesn't have to look like anyone else's....

I've been thinking a lot about my own fitness journey and how it has evolved over the years. We are bombarded with the latest fad diet or new wave of  workout routines and instantly feel like what we are doing is inferior because it's not what's "in" at the moment. I think what I'm trying to say is not all health and wellness routines are a one size fits all approach. You've got to try different things out and see what works for YOU.

Don't fall into the diet lie. The lie that you have to be on a diet to lose weight. I honestly get offended when people make comments to me like "what diet are you on? You must be on a diet because you look fit." I know 99.9% of the time it's coming from a good place but hear me out... A diet implies that you are eating in a specific way to lose weight with an end date or goal (usually aesthetic) in mind and typically in one way or another restricting certain foods or calories. We need to change the way we think about our eating habits and diets. Eating clean and making choices that fuel your body is not a diet... it should be a way of life just like brushing your teeth. As Americans, our view of what meals look like are so skewed and why wouldn't they be??! We are hit with so much conflicting information it's overwhelming. Remember the Netflix documentary a few years back that was telling us eggs were bad for you??! I mean what are we supposed to eat people??!

This is just a friendly little reminder that you don't have to this insane exercise routine and stringent diet to see results.... what you need to see results is consistency, the drive to want to get better and allow yourself to get uncomfortable. You get better when you're out of your comfort zone and that applies to exercise or saying yes to that thing you're scared of.

Photography by Brock Chaffin

Ps, I'm still working on this whole blog thing and being vulnerable and authentic. I am all about gorgeous curated photos but just don't have that part of blogging nailed down yet. So, here is a photo of me doing what I love.... lifting weights. I feel like my best self when I'm working with a barbell and just outright sweaty.

Be Well,


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Making the switch to natural deodorant

There are certain things we do day-to-day that we don't really consider how it affects our health. The past couple of years I've been more aware of all the chemicals I'm putting on my body. This day and age it's next to impossible to cut it all out completely but I've been doing my best to at least cut back. I used to assume that since you could purchase something from a store you trust that it's a safe product to use on your body or use in your home. Man, was I really wrong! One of my goals in 2019 is to swap out much of my chemical ridden products in my home for more natural alternatives. Two of the biggest offenders in my opinion are deodorant and laundry detergents.

Not to go all scientific on you all but every day cleaning products, lotions, makeup, shampoos and deodorant all have chemicals that contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. This can cause major issues with your hormones such as over production. As I'm typing this I'm totally seeing images of SNL and the Debbie Downer skit.....wah wahhhhhhhhhhh. The good news is there are so many amazing products that have ingredients that are actually good for you and not harmful to your overall health.

If you are going to swap out one of your products you use on your body I would for sure start with a natural deodorant. Your skin ecosystem under your armpits is so jacked up from years of chemical laden deodorant/antiperspirants and those pores need to breathe! The aluminum blocks your pores therefore you can't sweat. And I know you're thinking but Lindsey... isn't that the point of deodorant?? Yes, that's what we've been taught but have you ever thought what happens inside your body when that sweat and toxins can't be released and it's just building up in your body. I mean we've all heard "sweating out the toxins" after an extra fun night of a cocktail or two so why would we want to prohibit our bodies natural process of sweat??

Earlier this year I gave natural deodorant a try and landed on the brand Native. I'm a sucker for great packaging but ultimately it's the product itself that has kept me coming back. First off the ingredient list is minimal (no aluminum and paraben free) and the scents are so yummy. Their most popular scent is the coconut vanilla but my favorite so far is the cucumber mint. There's definitely a transition period and process to switching from a regular deodorant to a natural deodorant. Via the Native website it says that it takes about 2 weeks for your body to rid itself of the aluminum and other harmful chemicals and then at that point your body should be adjusted enough to work properly with your new natural deodorant. I've read some comments that when people switch to natural deodorant that they experience bumps which is apparently from the baking soda. I experienced a little bit of this and honestly did a transition period of no deodorant at all for a week and then used Native every other day for a week and then straight to regular daily use after that. I'm now six months in and am happy I made the switch. I've even turned Mark into a natural deodorant user and he says he prefers it over what he used to use. We also use Native body wash and are equally obsessed.

Head over to my instagram @linds_stavely to enter my Native giveaway!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

10 pieces of advice to boss up your workouts and your mind

 For the next 6 weeks I'm hosting what I like to call a "fitness experience" at my home gym for a group of 10 women. I came up with rules for the group that will be like our code of conduct. I really wanted this program to be a safe space to show up, give it your all and leave feeling like you had accomplished something big that day. I knew I had the tools to train the women for physical improvement but it was also important to train their brains to realize that working out isn't punishment, movement is a gift and that being "skinny" is no longer relevant. I encourage you all to work these into your daily life and leave me a comment of something you would add to this list. 

1. Community over competition.

2. Speak nice to yourself.

3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

4. Stand in your greatness and OWN it. 

5. The only way to refer to your body is fit. Words such as skinny or fat are no longer part of your vocabulary.

6. Show up and be present. 

7. Exercise is not punishment for what you ate. It’s a celebration of what your body is capable of achieving.

8. Exhale the bullshit. 

9. Being able to move your body is a gift…be grateful for something most take for granted. 

10. HAVE FUN!!! (my life motto)

Freckled Fox Photography 

Be Well,


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