Thursday, June 29, 2017

Full Body Firecracker Workout

Photography by Jo Johnson
Happy [almost] 4th of July!  Every year we head to the lake to visit my cousin and her family sometime around the's our tradition and we look forward to it. This year is no different and I've been planning my snacks and sides for several days now that I'll be taking. I wish I could say it was healthy but if I'm being honest it's all junk food and I'm okay with that! It's a little thing I like to call balance. I'm all about a good food splurge when it comes to holidays but one thing I always try to stick to is getting a workout in. I know I won't be eating clean, healthy and whole foods but what I can control is burning some extra calories and get a good sweat session in. It's easy to make excuses to not workout over holidays because of time and especially because of travel. That's why I LOVE no equipment workouts you can literally do from anywhere. Scroll down for my full body firecracker workout. 


Full Body Firecracker Workout:

Circuit 1:
30 air squats
20 tricep dips
10 burps
x 3


Circuit 2:
30 mountain climbers (each leg)
20 donkey kicks (each leg)
15 fire hydrants (each leg)
x 3


Circuit 3:
30 russian twists (each side)
20 curtsey lunges (each side)
10 push ups


30 second plank (left side)
30 second - 1 minute plank (middle)
30 second plank (right side)
(Rest 30-45 seconds between each round of abs)

Tank via Riffraff │ Sunnies via Overstock │ Sports bra via Lululemon│Shorts via FLEO│Tennies via APL

Be Well,


PS, A BIG thanks to Jo Johnson for all the amazing photography. I was super excited to win a photoshoot from her. Go check her out HERE!

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