Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Things I always keep in my gym bag

I've got into the habit of packing my gym bag in the mornings before I head to work so I have absolutely no excuse to not workout after. All my "Tesori girls" (about me) call me the bag lady between my gym bag, purse, and snacks bag...I look ridiculous walking into work! 😅 At least once a week I was always forgetting something... There's nothing worse then when you get to the gym and you don't have what you need which is why I have learned to keep a stocked gym bag. I used to see other girls at the gym and I couldn't comprehend what they could possibly need in the hour or so to justify bringing in an entire big ol' bag. I'm now backtracking and bring a bag every time I workout. I came up with a list of items I can't live without before, after and during my workouts.

Photography by Caroline Stelte 

1. Blender Bottle with protein powder:  Your muscles break down during a workout and are basically crying to be replenished. My go-to post workout protein is always in some sort of shake form because it's so easy and convenient... mix with cold water and you're done!  I like ISO-100 in just about any flavor. As for the shaker go for Blender Bottle brand. They're BPA free and I'm not sure I've had one break on me yet. I've linked both products to shop these online but if you're local in Arkansas you can find them at YTFS. (Yayyy for shopping local when you can!)

2. Face wipes: Most times when I'm going to workout I'm coming from work which means I have a full face of makeup. I always try to take good care of my skin so when I'm finished with a workout I like to use wipes to clean my face and prevent breakouts. I found these wipes at Target by Pacifica. Bonus points for the cute packaging!

3. Deodorant wipes: I use these as more of an all over body wipe for the days that I have to be somewhere after the gym but don't really have time to go home and shower. These are also made by Pacifica. (Also found at Target.) I went with the coconut flavor and love them because the scent isn't too overpowering.

4. Mini first aid kit: I can be clumsy and in case I have a small accident I've got band-aids on hand along with antiseptic wipes to combat any little cuts or skin tears (from bar work like pull ups, etc). I have moments at the gym where I think to myself "that's definitely going to end up on one of those gym fail YouTube videos" which is why my little first aid kit gets used often. You can find this little kit at many different retailers but I got mine at Walmart for just under $5.

5. Wireless headphones + backup pair of headphones: The better the music the better the workout in my opinion. My music is more important to me than my pre-workout drink... if I don't have music I'm probably not working out. My favorite wireless headphones are made by Jaybird. I've had my pair for a couple of years now and haven't had any issues. They stay charged for several uses and have long range of bluetooth with my phone. And the sound is really good!  The biggest issue is me forgetting to charge them which is why I always keep an extra pair of regular headphones in my bag... they've saved my workout on more than one occasion.

6. Mario Badescu's rosewater facial spray: This is something new I've added to my bag thanks to one of my oldest friends, shout out to ya Kirsten! I got this in my dirty santa gift at Christmas and literally am addicted to it. It's basically just a refreshing mist that when sprayed over makeup will set it with a dewy glow but on bare skin is soothing. After a full day wear of makeup, sweat, and then wiping it all off this spray is so refreshing and hydrating.

7. Mini wet brush + hair ties:  Everyone knows what a wet brush is...we all love them. We're obsessed! But now they make a mini which is the perfect size to throw in your bag. I found the mini at Target and more or less squealed with excitement because of my affinity for wet brushes. AND, duh, about having extra hair ties in your bag but I swear no matter how many hair ties I buy they always seem to disappear. Which really makes me wonder...where are all my hair ties??!

8. Elizabeth and James White Nirvana dry shampoo: If you are going to listen to one piece of advice (other than the've got to have your protein post workout 😆) then listen now... this is the BEST dry shampoo you will ever try. Just trust me! I've tried many of  the other brands out there. This is the holy grail of all the dry shampoos.  I am able to still workout and only wash my hair every couple of days so I like to keep this in my bag to freshen up in between shampoos. It not only works but it also gives your hair lots of texture and body. And the smell is to die for. I loved the smell so much I also purchased the perfume. This little gem can be found at Sephora.

9. Deodorant: This OBVIOUSLY goes without saying but you can't not talk about a stocked gym bag and not include deodorant. PSA: please wear deodorant!!!

10. Hand sanitizer: I can only imagine the things we'd see on gym equipment if we did the black light test (you're welcome for that visual) which is exactly why I always use my hand sanitizer immediately leaving the gym. Bath and Bodyworks always has yummy fruity smells so that's my go to for hand sanitizer.

11. Healthy snacks: I'm not sure when I became so obsessed with having healthy snacks on me at all times. I think it has to do with my big hubby who is constantly hungry and is always digging in my bag for something to snack on. It' now just a habit! I'm also one of those people that when I'm starving I will eat whatever is in front of me...if it's a cupcake then I'm going to eat that and on the other hand if it's veggies I'm happy to eat that as well. When I'm at the point of no return when I'm starving it's dangerous so I keep healthy options so I don't have to sacrifice what I'm putting into my body.  Two of my favorite bars are One Bars and RX bars. We by them by the case!

12.  Teikis Water bottles: This isn't just any 'ol reusable water bottle. It's made of glass so you don't have to worry about the BPA's and chemicals that are associated with drinking out of plastic bottles. I'm not going to get too much into this but google it and I promise you'll want to drink out of glass bottles. Mark and I were avid plastic water bottle drinkers and would buy water bottles by the truckloads. We switched over to these glass water bottles  (purchased on Amazon)  and love not having plastic water bottles take up so much room in our recycle bin. It's important to stay hydrated especially when you're working out.  1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight is a really good way to calculate how much water you should drink.

And if you've made it this far in the post...I can't end without saying that there are two pieces of equipment that I think you should always have in your bag and that's a jump rope and resistance bands. Both are really inexpensive and can be used anywhere!

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