Sunday, April 9, 2017

Baby Steps

Happy Sunday y'all! I want to challenge everyone this week to change something small in either your diet or workout routine. Trying to stay on track with your diet and exercise can be realllllly intimidating and overwhelming and I want to remind everyone to take baby steps. Please tell me someone gets the What About Bob reference??! 😎 If you're struggling with unhealthy eating habits then I encourage you to make small changes at first. For instance, if you stop by Starbucks every morning and order a  venti caramel frappucino with extra whip try ordering something with less sugar like a grande nonfat latte with cinnamon steamed in the milk. My personal fave and easier on the waistline! We tend to forget that something as harmless as a coffee in the AM can have negative results on our diet. If you're having an issue to committing to routine workouts start with something small like 2-3 times per week for 20-30 minutes or have your best girl be your accountability partner. Once you've mastered something small in your diet and exercise plan then add something else to up your game. This week I challenge you to take baby steps...Comment below with a baby change you're going to make to improve your overall health.  Remember, small changes equal big results...

Photography by Caroline Stelte

Top + pants via Marshalls and under $40. 
Shoes via Nike

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  1. Being student in Dental School + having ACL reconstructive surgery has taken me from fit college athlete to over caffeinated (sugar high too) study desk potato (instead of couch potato bc no time for TV). Recently my goal has been to meet my move goal every day and then increase it by just 20 more calories for the next week. This week specifically my goal is to work out almost every day because I know it gives me energy when I study and helps me feel less blah. Food wise I have meal prepped for the first time since January and drank tea instead of coffee this morning! More fruits and veggies is always a day to day goal!

    Thanks for this reminder!

    1. I absolutely love the idea of increasing your move goal each week...great way to keep pushing yourself! SO glad to hear you are meal prepping. I'm the biggest fan of it and believe that a consistent, healthy diet is just as important if not more important than exercise. Keep kicking bootayyyyy sister!!! And prayers for a speedy recovery from your ACL surgery. <3 -Lindsey


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